Thanksgiving Is for Family, Not Shopping

What is wrong with us as a society? Why do we fuel the retail stores encroachment on Thanksgiving? This has always been a family event, a day of rest, food, fun and football. It has been about cooking for days, getting together having time together. It has never until recently been about getting the best deal on Thanksgiving at Sports Authority or Macy’s.

When I was younger I worked for McDonalds for 14 years. When Ray Kroc was alive McDonalds was closed two days a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not anymore, they are open both days, interrupting family and it makes me ashamed that I worked for them. All of this bleed through into the holiday of working and of shopping I believe shows us the reason we see a lot less caring for each other as a society. We have forgotten what it’s all about: Family


We watch football, we eat, we sit around, we take naps and eat some more. We get together with family we maybe haven’t seen in a year or maybe more. It’s about family and being part of a family. The love, the caring about each other, not going out to get a deal on a TV before Black Friday.

Think about it the next time you are cut off in traffic, someone is rude to you in a store or a help desk employee isn’t very helpful. We have forgotten about family, how to be nice to each other, how to just be with each other and c are about each other.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!