What Life is All About

FamilyWhat is life all about to you?

To me it is watching my children perform at their Piano and voice recital last weekend. It was something else, they both have only been taking lessons since late August. I only get to hear practice once in a while at home, so it isn’t the full song. I had never heard either one straight through. To hear them is such a joy, the feeling of pride and admiration for what they can do is something that I believe you never understand until you have child. I have always been proud of them, but I am so much more in awe of them after getting to see them perform the whole thing in front a group of strangers. I hope that they can understand just a little what they are doing.

As for myself, walking in the Commencement was fun and the sense of accomplishment at 54. But, the real accomplishment is having my children there to see it. I know they are proud of Daddy, but they now know that you can do something with hard work. One of my friends and my boss said to me “they know that is what we do”, we don’t quit, if we strive to be our best.

You finish what you start, or as Jimmy V said, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up!” I hope that I have given them a gift that they will understand and use throughout their lives.