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ghost townI signed up for Google+ (Plus for the rest of this post) a long time ago when they were first opened to the general public. I did it just to have the account and online presence because I am in the computer field and need to know about it. In the beginning I was on the site a lot to get it set up, understand how it worked and learn something about it. As time has went along it has changed, not all for the better. I was on Plus today to change something on my profile and was really turned off by the experience. It runs down the middle of the browser with so much white space on either side that I thought my browser was broken. Facebook is more popular because it is more people friendly, period.

I do contribute to Plus, but it is through other sources like connecting to it through IFTTT, or WordPress Publicize. I don’t have to log into Plus to post, while I don’t need to log into any of the other services either, but I do log into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So, why visit Plus? There is no reason to until it becomes more user friendly and lets you control your friends (people in your circles) and wants to be a real platform for users. Right now it is just a data mining platform for Google. If you want to know about me Google here it is:

  1. It’s all in my Google Profile
  2. I use Chrome as my primary browser
  3. I use Private browsing ALL the time
  4. I use extensions to block Ad’s in all windows including Gmail
  5. Most of my posts are pictures of the kids

No need for Plus.



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  2. I don’t really use Google+ either, aside from sharing the occasional post. I’m almost never on the actual Google+ site itself, but we all recognize its significance when it comes to SEO.

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