Are You Doing Incognito?

incogYesterday I wrote about Why Use Google+ in which I talked about why do we even use Google+. I definitely feel the ghost town effect at Plus, while using other sites to just push information to Plus for me. I could do it for other sites, but don’t because those sites are actually useful and user friendly. At the end of my post yesterday I told Google “if you want to know about me here it is.”

One of those things was that I browse private all the time using incognito mode with a shortcut on the desktop. Do you use Incognito? It’s easy, no tracking, no cookie saving, just a little work to get going with it. You create a link to Chrome on your desktop and add the –incognito parameter to the target in the shortcut properties you created on the desktop. The first time you open incognito you will need to enable the extensions that you wish to have enabled. Google lets you know that those extension can leave you open to some degree, so I recommend that you enable wisely. I enabled LastPass, AdBlock and AdBlockPlus, Gremilus for Gmail, Evernote Clipper, FlashBlock and Feedly. That covers all the things I do in Chrome on a regular basis:

  1. Passwords
  2. Blocking Ad’s
  3. Blocking Flash
  4. Mail
  5. Evernote for note keeping
  6. RSS reading

Each time I open Incognito I have to log into LastPass and it then will log me into every other page that needs a password. But, that is the price for private browsing and it’s not that big a price. If you can put up with that, you can enjoy private browsing in piece. In a future post I will add onto this with the use of Sandboxie, a virtual sandbox to keep the browser in it’s own safe area away from the rest of your system.