Canadian Olympic Sour Grapes

sour grapesSkating is just the gossip, spoiled sport. It hasn’t grown up at all, even after rewriting the scoring system after massive corruption. It seems that the Canadian Ice Dancing team is upset that their coach, spent more time with the winning American team. Also, Canadian skaters and fans are complaining that the scores were fixed.

Accusations from fans on social media and the Canadian press say that Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were “robbed” of the gold medal in ice dancing. Read More Here

Well, no one, not the Americans said that in 2010 when the teams had the same coach and the medal places were reversed. Davis and White have spent 17 years together, they have worked extremely hard and have changed the sport. They skate so effortlessly and they skate flawlessly every time they skate. It comes from effort, determination and hard work. They were gracious 4 years ago, they learned a lesson and they worked hard to earn what they got. I watched the whole program and thought Virtue and Moir were extremely good, but I did not feel them as a couple, it was a great performance, but not something that just flowed. Watching Davis and White was like watching a couple as one. They flowed and made me feel a part of their performance.

It’s like performing a kata at a martial arts competition. You have to be the kata, you have to express it to the judges. They have to feel they are a part of the performance. I’ve won a fair share of trophies this way. I’ve had judges come up to me and tell me that they could feel me coming through the kata.

Sour Grapes, poor losers, call it what you want. You are never really a champion until you can lose graciously.