Learning the Diabetic Spikes

TriscutsSince I have switched to strictly insulin, I have learned some valuable lessons about serving size and what spikes blood sugar. All doctors will tell you that you don’t have to stop eating sugar or sugar based products just because you are a diabetic. You have to learn how much to eat, in what portion and with what other combination of foods to fight the sugar overload that causes high blood sugar. Actually, for the most part a good, balanced diet will minimize the need to over use insulin to compensate for the high glucose levels.

Of course the need for exercise is important too, but that is another discussion. What I have found is that certain foods will nuke your blood sugar level even with an insulin injection. The reason is the serving size that the label states is not realistic to what any reasonable adult would eat. Examples are Wheat Thins which has a serving size of 16 pieces. Those 16 pieces have 21-22 grams of carbs (really sugars since carbs turn to sugar in the body) and who eats JUST 16 in one sitting? The same for Triscuts and Doritos who have serving sizes almost the same with of 7 and 11, but with the same amount of carbs. Geez, I love those Triscuts and Doritos so much that I think any normal person would eat half the bag in one sitting.

As for meal foods, unless you aren’t real hungry who can only eat 1-2 slices of pizza? To eat rice or spaghetti you can only eat two spoons full or you will need 20-30 units of carb covering insulin.

What have I done to combat these unrealistic serving sizes? The first is to eat a meal with high protein content to slow the ingestion of the sugar from the carbs. Taking the insulin 15 minutes before eating and adding the units needed to move my number from it’s before meal reading to 80 is another. The last thing besides exercise is that I skip the Wheat Thins, Triscuts, Doritos and full servings of Pasta. Remember, you don’t have to eat everything on your plate. Eat the right amount, leave the extra and ask for a take home box.

It’s up to you to make the right choices.


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