Windows 10 Activation Error code: 0xC004F034

Cortana-in-Windows-10I’m wondering when the major computer vendors are going to have a roll out of a new product and it not kludge on their servers. Every iOS update is pure misery for anyone updating the first few days because of slow or overwhelmed servers. With all the supposed computing power of these companies you would think they would over plan.

Today Windows 10 launched and you guessed it, Activation has not been a smooth process. The error message “Error code: 0xC004F034” ominously says that it can’t read your Registration code or it is invalid. With the Microsoft servers are getting smashed I am guessing that no one decided to add a new error code.

OOPS you got a busy signal

I thought that I saw something on a blog, maybe even a Microsoft blog that they were going to release it via “Check for Updates” to Windows Insiders first. As they did, then it would be a rolling update for all reserved copy users and so on. This would be a great plan if it seemed it worked.

I have already hit the Activation problem with my home computer. With a quick search of the internet you will already find multiple people asking, multiple people giving incorrect answers and some that are correct. In fact there is even a YouTube video of the activation process with the proper answer already. Following the suggestion after watching the video I successfully activated Windows 10. I am adding the video below so you can actually see the activation work, but for those who just want the answer: just keep clicking Activate until it completes. At some point you will get through without the server being busy. It took between 5 to 10 tries for me, mileage varies based on time of day and pure luck.