A New Education and Technology

I’ve been offline quite a bit the last year, with just a few posts here and there. A lot of my writings have been along the personal bent instead of technology, education and new technologies that are leading the field in education. With that in mind I will be separating the family and personal from the technology. I have another blog that I have started creating called “It Affects Me” I couldn’t get that URL, so I did a grammar no, no (sorry Michael) and called it http://iteffectsme.wordpress.com.

codeI plan to discuss it all, technology, education, coding, PowerShell and reviews of new technology.I have already found out that you cannot trust that what you would consider a good source to be one that will give you the time of day. What am I talking about? Here are teo examples. The first involves the @ScriptingGuys and this Tweet asking for help while whining a the same time: “What use is PS if I can’t run a program I’ve copied to 43 servers because of security in Win2012 Server R2?”  I got some every helpful advise from @twiztedsteel who got me to the part I was leaving out.

The second was to @deployjeremy reading: “like the O365 #powershell tutorials. Looking for a script to add specific users to specific Groups. Staff to staff group, etc.” That was posted a month ago with no response at all. Not even an “I’m not sure.” That is completely unacceptable from someone who has a public presence on Microsoft’s Channel 9. Luckly in this case I used my AD skills to create a global Dynamic Security group that sync’s with Office365 in which I added all the needed users gythat group making them able to be a part of the group. It still needed some tweaking but its working. I’m hoping that the rest of the Powershell community is more helpful with questions than I have started out with.

I hope that everyone will visit both sites and enjoy  them for what they are.

Sunday Snippet – Birthday Edition

This year, I’m not so sure as I’ll probably just spend a quiet day at home watching football and zombies – Michael Kwan

My friend Michael Kwan celebrated his birthday Sunday. The quote above is from his own Sunday Snippet post on his blog, Beyond the Rhetoric. Reading that quote made me think about the time I have known Michael.

Years ago when I started commenting on BTR, Michael was all Social Media and single. He was very much into all the tech stuff, going on trips for his freelance work and other writing gigs. As the years went by, the travel has slowed down, but not his outgoing social side. Food porn, and what not close to home. I chalk that up to his longtime relationship with his now wife and settling into his “30’s”. He is correct in that he is not middle aged, nor is he a whipped snapper. He’s become comfortable.

Now, he is a father, husband and self employed. That means he gets to see that beautiful little girl as much as possible. I admire his choice today and respect him for how he has grown.

Happy birthday my friend.

My Summer Journey

It has been a long time since I wrote on this blog. The year has been extremely busy and full for me that I have not had the time to write at all. The few posts I did write were about the last class I needed for my college degree. So, let’s look at the last 6 months to see what I have been doing.

In May I started college, or should I say started AGAIN. I have been going to college off and on since I was 16. Unfortunately, the strictness of my father during my k-12 experience led me to “have fun” through my first 4 years of taking courses that I actually wasn’t learning anything or passing many courses. Believe it or not, I was only 4 courses from finishing my degree in the late 1990’s.

That leads me to May, when our IT department reorganized and the position that I had held for the previous three years was removed, a new one was defined and I did not qualify based on needing at least an AA degree. That is when I decided that I either went backwards or got the degree to go forward. When I got my degree in August I was able to apply for the position that was still open and was the most qualified person. I will write more on this in another post sooner rather than later.

During the summer I ran a high school for 6 weeks which is the school with the biggest computer, student and staff population. A lot goes into getting a school wrapped up and prepared for the next school year, which meant a lot of hours 6am – 4pm most days, then going to my second job or school from 6-11pm. It was get up, work, go home for an hour and go to work.

Since August 20th I have been in my new role as an Instructional Technology Technician (ITT), which is really not an accurate title for what I do. I basically am a systems admin and support for the student LMS, support for the Instructional Specialist that are the lead admins and support for all the instructional tools we use in our district to teach the students. I also help with another ITT, set up Dev sites, run technical aspects of projects like MDM, the testing, deployment and initial training of new programs/devices such as Surface RT’s and Tablets.

During the initial starting of the new job I also ran the high school until there was a replacement and still to this day answer questions and help as needed to help the students at that school. My current job is with all the students, teachers and administrators of the district, but I always help wherever I am needed at the behest of my boss.

I am in the middle of two extremely important projects right now and I am very happy with what I am doing. I will be writing more often in the near future, breaking down my summer journey and new exploits.