Sunday Snippet – Birthday Edition

This year, I’m not so sure as I’ll probably just spend a quiet day at home watching football and zombies – Michael Kwan

My friend Michael Kwan celebrated his birthday Sunday. The quote above is from his own Sunday Snippet post on his blog, Beyond the Rhetoric. Reading that quote made me think about the time I have known Michael.

Years ago when I started commenting on BTR, Michael was all Social Media and single. He was very much into all the tech stuff, going on trips for his freelance work and other writing gigs. As the years went by, the travel has slowed down, but not his outgoing social side. Food porn, and what not close to home. I chalk that up to his longtime relationship with his now wife and settling into his “30’s”. He is correct in that he is not middle aged, nor is he a whipped snapper. He’s become comfortable.

Now, he is a father, husband and self employed. That means he gets to see that beautiful little girl as much as possible. I admire his choice today and respect him for how he has grown.

Happy birthday my friend.

Have Kids? Your Responsibility!

KidsI have 3 children ages 9, 5 and 2. I love my children very much. I drive them around with me all the time. I don’t leave them in the car when I exit the vehicle.

I have an extremely hard time reading about a child that has died in a car. Either left by a parent who forgot their child was in the back seat or one that wanted to go shopping or drinking and thought they could just leave the child behind. I find it hard to read or listen because I love my children so much and can not imagine the fear of that child who cannot take care of themselves and gives their parent unconditional love and trust.

What I don’t understand about a parent is how you can even do that? How can you get out of the car and not know your child is in the back seat? How can you forget? It’s your child, you put them in the car seat and you forgot them by the time you got where you were going? Whatever you are doing or wherever you are going is not as important as your child. Even when my kids are not in the car I always check my back seat when I get out. It’s habit, something I do as a parent for the safety of my children.

If you have children, nothing is more important than their well being. Read that again, nothing is more important than your children. Not your job, not that football game, not mowing the lawn, not that girls night out, not that poker game with the guys.

Wake up parents, take care of your kids!

Perspective Without the Predjudice

ArgueI try very hard to not delve into conversations on religion, politics or reality television. They are all no win conversations because there are too many big lobbying groups and diverse opinions that can become volatile. I have been reading a lot about a certain reality TV show and it’s main character with people discussing, or should I say arguing about their free speech rights. Religion, politics and reality TV all in one discussion has just been driving me crazy. In fact, to the point that I quickly switch channels or web page when anything related happens to be on the page.

The reason I bring this up is that while reading a regional newspaper I ran across an article that actually has some real life perspective to it. A young girl passed away early in the morning on Christmas day after she was diagnosed in May with a rare form of leukemia. Read the whole article here, but please remember as you read it’s real life and death. It’s about what people should really be talking about. Another story from my local paper about a mother who made the wrong choices, but did realize what was important and decided to remember that can be read here. A mom who lost sight and regained it.

Everyone has a right to express an  opinion. In their mind they are correct, whether they are or not, but they have the right to express that opinion. Most people jump up to fight those opinions because they are afraid of that opinion, it’s not politically correct or they are afraid of the tide of public opinion causing them to lose revenue. Focus people, focus and remember “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Especially if you are confident in and with yourself. If you do speak up against someones opinion, hopefully it is a good cause.