Freedom for Who on the 4th

I really like TED Talks. I have a subscription, the app on my iPhone and an email subscription. Today is the 4th of July, the day we celebrate our countries birth and freedom from British rule. But, do we really believe in the ideals of freedom and treating all of our citizens as true Americans with the rights afforded by the Constitution? The following TED Talk made me think about that today. Are we a paranoid, politically correct country that believes in freedom if you are like us, not because you are an American?

Think about it, watch the video, what do think before and after watching it?


Credit, Cash, Debt and the Economy

Over on Beyond the Rhetoric by Michael Kwan we are having a nice discussion about a series of guest posts by Aaron Koo who is a financial planner. The series started out about bankruptcy and has now evolved into a discussion about credit. Michael and I are at polar opposites about credit cards, always have been and have many infamous back and forth’s about credit cards. Aaron’s post on credit cards is very interesting and ever evenhanded. I would say that it is also the most well balanced on the topic that I have seen in a while. Below are the highlights of my position. 

  • My take is that credit cards are EVIL.
  • They are an addiction and credit card companies are like casinos.
  • the key to not being in debt, don’t spend more than you can afford. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.
  • I believe the credit card companies have a greater onus to be responsible in offering credit to people already in debt or at risk of becoming a slave to the interest.
  • Bailing out the financial institutions didn’t solve anything. The people that owed the money still owed it.

I feel that you would get the most out of this if you headed over to Money Monday, How-to rebuild your credit. Enjoy the discussion and please feel free to join in.

The Evils of Politically Correct

In todays world we have to be PC or “Politically Correct” when talking about anything in society. To me this backlash against people speaking what they feel is like turning our backs on the our constitutional rights to free speech. That is what our country was founded on, freedom, not oppression. The founding fathers and their forefathers left Europe and fought to avoid oppression, but today we have to watch everything we say or we risk the wrath of a major coalition or Senator or big name lobbyist group. We even risk losing our job because we say something outside work that damages the image of who we work for.

To me that is oppression and a violation of our first amendment right to free speech. Our world is not a better place when people are chastised because they want to express their feelings. Everyone is different and we are not all going to agree with what others have to say, but to stifle an opposing opinion because it hurts your feelings or you consider it hurtful is wrong. I may feel that your opinion is hurtful but you press your issue and voice your opinion while tramping on my rights to oppose your opinion with my own.

Our country is divided more than ever, not because of the right to freedom of speech, but the special interest pandering that our freedom of speech hurts them and we have to be Politically Correct. If you don’t like my opinion, don’t read it, listen to it or otherwise engage it. I ignore your opinion until it infringes on my freedom and invades my space.

Throughout this post I have not expressed what has brought this writing about because I know as a reasonable person that anything that I say about current issues, whether political, religious or mainstream media will be held to the PC standard. I am a reasonable person and the evils of being Politically Correct have made me sacrifice my freedom of speech rights for the freedom to not be harassed by PC monitors. That is something that our whole country should be ashamed of. There are a lot of others that feel the same way and are not expressing their opinion for fear of reprisal. 

Today I pray for our country to find the wisdom to become a place that actually follows the Constitution of the United States of America.