Sunday Snippet – Birthday Edition

This year, I’m not so sure as I’ll probably just spend a quiet day at home watching football and zombies – Michael Kwan

My friend Michael Kwan celebrated his birthday Sunday. The quote above is from his own Sunday Snippet post on his blog, Beyond the Rhetoric. Reading that quote made me think about the time I have known Michael.

Years ago when I started commenting on BTR, Michael was all Social Media and single. He was very much into all the tech stuff, going on trips for his freelance work and other writing gigs. As the years went by, the travel has slowed down, but not his outgoing social side. Food porn, and what not close to home. I chalk that up to his longtime relationship with his now wife and settling into his “30’s”. He is correct in that he is not middle aged, nor is he a whipped snapper. He’s become comfortable.

Now, he is a father, husband and self employed. That means he gets to see that beautiful little girl as much as possible. I admire his choice today and respect him for how he has grown.

Happy birthday my friend.

2012 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for my blog for 2012. Of course this year I did not post as I did the year before because of working multiple jobs so my posts are down a lot from 2011 and hits are down almost 8,000. As I go into the New Year I plan on writing once a week. I am also going to try to write about things that are current in the technology field as they continue to be added to and developed within education.

My one other goal for the blog is to get more comments and grow a following based on education and new technology. I hope that everyone that does read my blog has a happy and healthy New Year.

Here’s a few excerpts:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 12,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 20 years to get that many views.

My Top Posts last year based on views:

  1. Evernote vs. Diigo – A Replacement for Delicious? December 2010
  2. Important Update: Verizon iPhone Does Voice and Data at Same Time  February 2011
  3. The secret to being good at Science: Take more Math classes July 2007
  4. 4 ActivBoards, A New Way To Teach? March 2007
  5. 5 Technology and Social Media is Destroying Humanity March 2011

Click here to see the complete report.

It is very interesting that none of the posts that I wrote last year made the the top 5, but there is a theme to these posts. All of the above posts are about a popular topic of the mass population which increased their popularity and visibility to the search engines. So, unless you really have a popular niche, you need to spice up your posts with things that the general public is currently interested in. I am going to revisit these posts to look for follow up topics, while looking at the popular current topics to try throw my spin on them from my expert opinion in technology support.

The Evils of Politically Correct

In todays world we have to be PC or “Politically Correct” when talking about anything in society. To me this backlash against people speaking what they feel is like turning our backs on the our constitutional rights to free speech. That is what our country was founded on, freedom, not oppression. The founding fathers and their forefathers left Europe and fought to avoid oppression, but today we have to watch everything we say or we risk the wrath of a major coalition or Senator or big name lobbyist group. We even risk losing our job because we say something outside work that damages the image of who we work for.

To me that is oppression and a violation of our first amendment right to free speech. Our world is not a better place when people are chastised because they want to express their feelings. Everyone is different and we are not all going to agree with what others have to say, but to stifle an opposing opinion because it hurts your feelings or you consider it hurtful is wrong. I may feel that your opinion is hurtful but you press your issue and voice your opinion while tramping on my rights to oppose your opinion with my own.

Our country is divided more than ever, not because of the right to freedom of speech, but the special interest pandering that our freedom of speech hurts them and we have to be Politically Correct. If you don’t like my opinion, don’t read it, listen to it or otherwise engage it. I ignore your opinion until it infringes on my freedom and invades my space.

Throughout this post I have not expressed what has brought this writing about because I know as a reasonable person that anything that I say about current issues, whether political, religious or mainstream media will be held to the PC standard. I am a reasonable person and the evils of being Politically Correct have made me sacrifice my freedom of speech rights for the freedom to not be harassed by PC monitors. That is something that our whole country should be ashamed of. There are a lot of others that feel the same way and are not expressing their opinion for fear of reprisal. 

Today I pray for our country to find the wisdom to become a place that actually follows the Constitution of the United States of America.