NFL Okay With Domestic Abuse

abuseSo the NFL rates domestic abuse lower on the scale of morally wrong than PED’s, DUI, or drug abuse. How on earth is the NFL and Paul Goodell making these decisions? Really Mr. Goodell? It’s okay to knock out your girlfriend and get just two games off? That penalty is like saying go to your room. All the toys are in the closet, in the room, go ahead close the door and come out in two hours. You have taught nothing to any one, not Ray Rice, not any other NFL player or staff that it is wrong to hit a spouse, or a women.

ESPN was harder on Stephen A. Smith for just being an idiot for expressing himself  by saying women should look at what they do that could cause abuse. Smith just said something and he was suspended for a week. Ray Rice hit his girlfriend, knocked her out and there is video of him dragging her out of the elevator while she was out cold. Two games for that? Really Mr. Goodell you think that getting in a fight or doing PED’s or taking drugs is worse than hitting another human being with the intent to hurt them?

Really Mr. Goodell? Your VP couldn’t explain why very well and neither could you.

Really Mr. Goodell, you should resign.

Athletes and Celebrity Stupidity

Athletes and Celebrity Stupidity

I normally don’t Speed Link unless I am linking k12IT sites, but the last few days I have been reading about a lot of stupid things that famous people have been doing that make me roll my eyes. I have written before on Education & Technology aboutAthletes Not Being Good Role Models, but tonight I thought it was worth rehashing.

Just a few days ago NASCAR driver, and I use the term loosely, Kyle Bush intentional wrecked another driver after a caution flag had been raised for racing contact between the 2 drivers on the Texas Motor Speedway. That’s intentionally, and head on into the wall at a high rate of speed. If any of us had done this on the road we would be in jail facing charges, but all Bush gets is a weekend off.

The next thing that happened this week was the indictment of a former Penn State Assistant Coach on sex abuse charges. This one really upsets me because this person was in a position of authority, and trusted by parents to take care of their children. Instead he abused them and took away their innocence, trust and self worth. I have 2 kids and another one on the way, so you have to pardon me if I hope he he pays dearly.

Lastly, Tiger Woods former caddie Steve Williams stuck his foot in his mouth and made a racial comment/slur about Tiger. Now, Williams has always struck me as not the brightest light in the box, but this is really low and shows what type of person he really is and maybe why Tiger dropped him. To add to this, his new boss Adam Scott saw nothing wrong with what Williams said.

All three of these things strike me poorly, making me think again about why parents need to be the role models for their children. If we as parents would try our hardest, give our best effort and really understood that our children ARE OUR CHILDREN, not someone else’s to teach morals and life to, maybe we all would be a little better. Maybe we would not be wondering what is happening to the youth of today. Do you spend any time with your children?

Please don’t tell me you don’t have the time, you need to make the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s just reading them a story or helping them with a homework problem. It’s the small things they will remember. It’s just the listening when they maybe don’t want to talk. Just sitting with them, taking a walk, going to the park, or grabbing a cheeseburger with them.

If you don’t make the time for them, they are going to go look somewhere else. Do you want one of the above people being someone that your child becomes attached to, that they look up to?