Milestones From Doing

I write this blog, not to make money, but to write, educate and just plain old talk. Until December of 2010 I did not make an effort to be consistent or worry about whether anyone was reading what I wrote. Since then I have worked on actually writing things that are current and mean something more than my ramblings, while at the same time I started posting more frequently. I had set a goal to post 1 post per day and did keep that up for a month then found that my job, and family constraints made that impossible if I wasn’t making this a money making venture.

I have been posting about education, technology, current events and even doing technology product reviews on an average of 3.8 times a week. This consistency has lead to an increase in daily visits from 20 per day over the last 4 full years, to 62 as of the 31st of May. My best year (Jan.-Dec.) was 2008 with 9570 visits to Edutechation. That record has be retired as of this morning when I had my 9571st visit in just 5 months and 4 days. If I continue at the current pace of 62 visits a day I will more than double 2008’s total with around 22,630 visits.

These numbers are grains of sand to most blog owners like John Chow and Michael Kwan, I do not earn my living from this blog or social media as they do. But, I do consider them a lot for me, and a step forward in my goal to monetize the blog over the next two years. One of the things that has helped me on this path are the two gentlemen that I mentioned above and their book Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul.

To celebrate this milestone I have promised to take my daughter anywhere she wants to go this afternoon, just her and Daddy. I will then come home and write a post about the end of the school year and how it really isn’t.


iPhone for Live Blogging?

I’m writing this post from my iPhone. I downloaded the WordPress 2.0 app from the App Store and set up my blog. It seems pretty easy to do, making live blogging a feasible prospect.

I don’t believe a teacher could live blog, but a student could or a guest teacher that is visiting the classroom. I may try this in a class sometime in the near future just to see how fast I can get info online while typing with the iPhone.

Stay tuned, live blogging coming soon.

Want to write a Guest Post?

I am interested in accepting submissions for guest posts. My position has increased in responsibility which has cut down on free time to write, so I have decided to accept guest posts to keep the content flowing until I have settled into my new position.

I will not be able to use everyone’s submissions, and the one’s that I do use will be spread out over the course of the next month. I will try to use as many as I can, but I hope to be comfortable enough in my new position by July 4th.

Here is what am I looking for:

  • Anything related to education and how it relates to technology.
  • Posts of any length are acceptable, as long as they follow the theme of the post and relate helpful information.
  • I prefer the focus of the posts on k12 education, but I will also accept higher education.
  • I’m looking for content not published elsewhere.

How to Submit Your Post:

  • Please write your post in MS Word
  • Give the post a title (I may change it)
  • Attach the post to an email addressed to
  • In the email include a byline and a link to your blog and/or any educational institution that you belong to or own. I will include this in your post, but please do not be a big self promoter. Your words should promote you.

Lastly, I reserve the right to edit a posts content for grammar, spelling, and non-factual or biased information. I will not post anything that oversteps the guidelines of ethics in education or public sensibilities. In short, use common sense and write something that would be allowed to be read in a school.

I look forward to seeing some great posts soon.