Like A Grain Of Sand In Gods World

The lessons this life has planted in my heart pertain more to caring than crops, more to Golden Rule than gold, more to the proper choice than to the popular choice. – Kirby Larson

We are merely a speck of sand in this world, but we think we are the most important thing. Man is just a part of the whole design that God has created. Make a difference in this world for yourself, for your family. Don’t live to please others, to change others or you will not make a difference in your own little grain of sand that God has given you.

Make a difference where it counts and your voice will be heard, but do it for yourself.


iPhone for Live Blogging?

I’m writing this post from my iPhone. I downloaded the WordPress 2.0 app from the App Store and set up my blog. It seems pretty easy to do, making live blogging a feasible prospect.

I don’t believe a teacher could live blog, but a student could or a guest teacher that is visiting the classroom. I may try this in a class sometime in the near future just to see how fast I can get info online while typing with the iPhone.

Stay tuned, live blogging coming soon.