Lose Weight the Tech Way

Honestly, there is no tech way or this diet or that diet. This plan or that plan. There is no secret pill, no purge plan, no nothing. Truth be told there is one healthy way to lose weight and one only.

Eat less, move more and breathe.

That’s it, nothing more or less. The science behind losing the fat C55H104O6 is presented nicely in a Ted Talk, but here’s the paraphrased version:

  • Eat less, your body is forced to break down the fat. I represent that above as it’s molecular structure.
  • Move more, it increases the speed of the breakdown of the fat with heat.
  • Breathe, it’s something we do naturally but with the moving we are increasing how much we breathe and expelling CO2. The CO2 is the largest percentage of the broken down fat in the 90% range.
  • Yes, fat breaks down into CO2, which we exhale with every breath. What about the rest of the 100% that’s not CO2? It is expelled as water in sweat, tears, when you go to the restroom and any other way we expelled water.

Pretty simple isn’t it? You don’t need to buy a book, special meals or even join a gym. You just need to eat less, obviously eating a balanced diet of good food with some food you love that may even be junk food, move more by running, walking, playing a sport and breathe. I will suggest that you will be more successful if you move more with a friend or group of friends.

Have fun saving all the money on books and gym memberships.


Back Online After Verizons Never Ending Automated Calls To Confirm

I have my Verizon FIOS back online today, which is great for the kids TV and great for me to use the laptop to surf and do my internet thing. But the house is about 1/3 put together and looks like a hurricane hit it. The family is also working through a cold, so we are all very tired, grump and under the weather.

A quick note on getting the Verizon back online: Why does Verizon have to call 4 times to confirm the appointment? The automated line called Wednesday, I confirmed by pressing the appropriate numbers on the iPhone keypad. 4 hours later the automated line called again to confirm the same appointment. Having nothing better to do other than eat dinner as I was packing boxes, I again hit the appropriate numbers to confirm. I figured there was a glitch, so I didn’t get too concerned or upset. On Thursday during a break in actually moving I got another call from the Verizon 800 number, but with no message, I called the number back and after 5 minutes navigating the Voice Menu prompts that didn’t give me a real person until I just stopped answering correctly. Once I got the real person, Walter, I asked why I was getting multiple calls to confirm an appointment that I had already done twice. His answer was, “I don’t know.” Just for giggles the automated line called me again on Friday during the evening hours.

At least the guy who set up the service was extremely capable and efficient. He did a very good job, was fast and what is really important to me, he was personable. His good personal attention to me as the end use was what made an annoying experience, one that had a pleasurable ending.

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Moving Day Is Not Only Stressful It Is Also Painful

Moving day was Thursday. My wife and I had been preparing since Monday, but it’s never enough. We were woefully prepared, one because the whole family has a cold and two because with 2 kids you can’t get anything done until 11pm.

Fortunately, I had my brother in law for help. It took us 3 full loads in a 17′ foot Uhaul. I did the last trip myself because it was almost 5pm and James had to go. I also did 2 trips Wednesday night in the Minivan. It is very stressful moving in general, but with 2 younger kids it seems to be even more so.

Now the pain part is setting in. My legs hurt, I mean hurt to the point of crying. It is more my hip flexors and my elbows. I am not a whiner so don’t go that route. I will sit through some intense pain to do my job, but we over did it today with just the two of us.

Remember to have more help lined up than you need. You will just get done quicker. You won’t over exert yourself, you might even have some fun. I know that I had a good time working with James, but it would have been more fun with 2 more people. We got done at 8:30pm, then went to dinner and the grocery store. Then we had to get the kids to bed. We finished getting them to bed at 11pm.

With the extra hour to setup the bedroom with lights, alarm for the morning and get ready for bed it was after midnight when my wife made it to bed. Myself, I am on the couch while our two year old sleeps on my pillows to fight the cold.

It is now time to rest. I will catch up on my RSS tomorrow.