Dear Santa and Assembly Instruction Writers

Dear Santa,

I know this letter is late, but I needed the extra time to compose my thoughts because we ran out of coffee. This is my Christmas list for this year:

  1. That my kids are happy, healthy and get some of the myriad of things they asked you for.
  2. My wife is patient with me in the coming year. I have a lot of faults to overlook.
  3. That the writers of assembly instructions for children’s toys actually have to put the toys together and write the directions as they assemble the toys. It might help them write better instructions. See the blog post by Raymond Chen for more idea’s in this vein.
  4. Happiness for my friends and loved ones in the coming year.
  5. An electric/battery operated screwdriver.

Thank you for listening this late and I hope you enjoy the cookies that Camille made for you.

Merry Christmas!