Something Positive In This World

Ted Talks are one of my favorite ways to spend some free time. In a recent release on was from Megan Washington, who is is an Australian singer/songwriter.  She has won Australia’s version of the Grammy for her music, but listening to her music you wouldn’t know that since childhood, she has had a stutter. In this Ted Talk she talks about her life, her stutter and her immense fear of public speaking. This is an outstanding talk, one that made me think that Ms. Washington is very admirable person with a lot of guts to stand there to be honest with people as she puts it. The one thing that she has done all of her life is sing. Why? Because, when you sing you brain cannot stutter.  At the end of this talk, she does what she calls “Ted Sing.”

Listen to her talk and then listen to her sing. Have the Kleenex handy.

NFL Okay With Domestic Abuse

abuseSo the NFL rates domestic abuse lower on the scale of morally wrong than PED’s, DUI, or drug abuse. How on earth is the NFL and Paul Goodell making these decisions? Really Mr. Goodell? It’s okay to knock out your girlfriend and get just two games off? That penalty is like saying go to your room. All the toys are in the closet, in the room, go ahead close the door and come out in two hours. You have taught nothing to any one, not Ray Rice, not any other NFL player or staff that it is wrong to hit a spouse, or a women.

ESPN was harder on Stephen A. Smith for just being an idiot for expressing himself  by saying women should look at what they do that could cause abuse. Smith just said something and he was suspended for a week. Ray Rice hit his girlfriend, knocked her out and there is video of him dragging her out of the elevator while she was out cold. Two games for that? Really Mr. Goodell you think that getting in a fight or doing PED’s or taking drugs is worse than hitting another human being with the intent to hurt them?

Really Mr. Goodell? Your VP couldn’t explain why very well and neither could you.

Really Mr. Goodell, you should resign.

Freedom for Who on the 4th

I really like TED Talks. I have a subscription, the app on my iPhone and an email subscription. Today is the 4th of July, the day we celebrate our countries birth and freedom from British rule. But, do we really believe in the ideals of freedom and treating all of our citizens as true Americans with the rights afforded by the Constitution? The following TED Talk made me think about that today. Are we a paranoid, politically correct country that believes in freedom if you are like us, not because you are an American?

Think about it, watch the video, what do think before and after watching it?


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